Finding Your Property Management Company Match

Finding Your Property Management Company Match

Finding a good property management company (PMC) is a lot like finding your relationship match. Not every PMC is a fit for every property owner, so you want to select your manager carefully.

Here are 3 key areas to pay attention to:


Company communication styles vary widely. How often do you want to hear from your manager? Are you hands off and just want to get your monthly reports? Or would you prefer to be notified when certain things happen on your property?

How do you want to hear from your manager? A phone call, email, text message, monthly meeting? Making sure that your communication styles match with your PMC’s will go a long way to alleviating frustration.


How hands on do you want to be with your property? There are some PMCs that are set up to work closely with their owners. There are others whose business model works best with hands-off owners that let them take care of everything. This is so important: find a PMC whose business model matches what you are looking for. Be up front. When you’re not a match in this area, it can lead to a bad break up in the end.


While there is some trust that builds up over time, go with a company that you already have some trust in. This could be based off of recommendations or reviews or maybe even a gut feeling. Making a PMC feel like they have to “prove themselves to you” will create a frustrating experience for both parties.


Hopefully, using these areas to narrow down your options will help you find your property management company match.